Another great use of our fasteners – a model railway bridge!

You may recall that a little while ago, one of our customers brought in a fantastic model bus made with our fasteners. We said we’d love to hear from any other customers who would like to showcase their work using our fasteners.

And now, another customer, Peter, has contacted us after purchasing some M2 studding (allthread), nuts and washers. Peter said ‘I thought you might like to see what I used all those 2mm nuts and washers for. See attached picture.’

model railway bridge fasteners

‘This bridge contains 296 nuts and washers. It was quite fiddly screwing each nut on!!’

model railway bolts screws nuts fasteners

We’d like to thank Peter for kindly sending in these pictures of his model railway, which really showcase the great craftsmanship and eye for detail.

We love to see our fasteners being put to such creative use, it really brings home the fact that bolts, nuts and screws have such an amazing variety of uses. If any of our other customers would like to showcase their work using our fasteners, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us!

Classic Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Restoration part 5

2012 started in an optimistic way. The rotten off side door sill was cut out and replaced with heavy gauge material.

ferrari 365 gtc/4 replacement door sill

The exhaust system had been modified in the 80′s when it developed holes in the silencers. To shorten the pipework and the cost, the steel outlet pipes were re-sited to exit beneath the doors.

ferrari 365 gtc/4 side exhaust

They worked well but left a gaping hole to the rear which looked odd as the bodywork was designed to accept the double banks of twin pipes from the V12.

ferrari 365 gtc/4 restoration

Contact was made with another owner of a RHD 365 GTC/4 at the tremendous Silverstone Classic event where he was showing his excellent condition blue car on the Ferrari owners stand. He told me that he had a stainless steel exhaust which was surplus to requirements which fitted easily onto my car. Although the previous design was quirky and unique it was not as Ferrari intended!!

ferrari 365 gtc/4 stainless steel exhaust

The new system is great!

Recently added – Technical information


We recently added a Technical Information page to our website which some of our users may find helpful – featuring dimensional specs, thread charts, mechanical properties and torque figures.

General information (such as advice on bolt measurement) is also included.

Please note that all technical information is provided as a guideline only.

Special Bolt Manufacturing – M12 bolt with 55mm head


Here’s another example of our special bolt manufacturing capabilities!

A garden centre in Manchester was having problems with skateboarders skating down the sides of their concrete flower beds, causing damage to the flowers. A solution was needed that utilised the existing tapped holes.

The solution, after consultation with  our technical sales team, was an M12 fully threaded bolt (or setscrew, as they are commonly known) with a head that measured 55mm across flats, which was manufactured to the customer’s requirements in our onsite machine shop.

Our state of the art onsite manufacturing facilities enable us to produce special fasteners in Metric, UNC & UNF as well as the older British threadforms BA, BSF & BSW, in a wide range of materials and grades.

Contact our technical sales team - we can find a solution to meet your requirements!

Classic Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Restoration part 4

ferrari 365 on road

Driving was limited to local runs during the summer of 2010. The car was initially fairly easy to start from cold especially if the battery had been charged but needed to cool down once hot before it would restart.

Electrical investigation diagnosed a faulty alternator and a rewire was all that was needed to ensure an efficient charge which kept the battery healthy. This helped with the initial start from cold but once hot the start problem persisted.

Overall 2010 was a good year having passed the MOT and being able to drive on the roads.

ferrari 365 restoration

2011 trips became longer, up to 60 miles round trip, and up to to the legal maximum speed of 70mph.

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Yet another happy customer!

We’ve just received another nice email message from a customer in the US complimenting us on our service!

‘Hi sales & shipping departments-

WOW! Things often don’t arrive this quickly from suppliers 100 miles away.
Couldn’t find Whitworth bolts anywhere in the US, in fact had not ever heard
of them until I needed two for the power feeder in our cabinet shop.

Thanks for the speedy service!’

We take great pride in providing excellent service to our customers, and always strive to improve. It’s great to be appreciated!


Onsite Special Bolt Manufacture – M48 x 200 Grade 12.9 Bolts

m48 x 200 grade 12.9 bolts cnc machined

Here’s another great example of our how our onsite special fastener manufacturing capabilities complement our extensive stocked range of standard industrial fasteners and fixings.

These M48 x 200 Grade 12.9 Hexagon Bolts were manufactured in our machine shop using a CNC.

The order, for a customer in Sweden, was won due to our quick delivery time, and was despatched to the customer within a few days.

The customer was very impressed with the quality of the bolts and in particular the threads.

We stock standard bolts, nuts and fasteners in Metric, BSW (Whitworth), BSF, BA, UNC and UNF threadforms, and can manufacture non-standard sizes in most materials, grades and surface finishes. We also offer in-house quality testing facilities and are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

For more information, contact us. Alternatively if you’d prefer to speak to someone, call our technical sales staff on 01942 520260 (Wigan) or 01698 826464 (Glasgow).


Another Satisfied Customer!

It’s always nice to hear good customer feedback. We think we’re quite good at keeping our valued customers happy, and maintaining great service is crucial to us – without you we’d be nowhere, after all.

Here’s a piece of feedback that has landed in our inbox:


Just to say I received my order today and I’m very happy with the products, costs and service. I only ordered the bolts on Sunday evening !

I’l be using you again for sure and recommending you to friends and colleagues.
Also, nice website, unfussy, great functionality!’

High praise indeed!


A fantastic model bus made with our fasteners!

A regular customer of ours recently brought in his latest project to show us – a superbly detailed model of a classic bus built using our fasteners!

model vehicle fasteners

Here’s the front view, really impressive workmanship!

thomas smith fasteners model bus

This more zoomed in front view really shows the superb attention to detail, including full interior and passengers:

model bus zoomed in fasteners

The bus is also a radio-controlled fully working model.

model car & bus bolts and nuts

A fantastic model, we love seeing our fasteners put to such creative use. If any of our other customers would like to showcase their work using our fasteners, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us!

model london bus thomas smith fasteners