Large Pyramid Bolt Manufacture for Vintage Traction Engines

large unc pyramid bolts long length

These 1″ UNC x 24.1/2″ long pyramid bolts were recently manufactured in our onsite workshop and were supplied to a manufacturer of vintage traction engines for wheel refurbishment.

To complement our range of standard fasteners and fixings, we hold extensive stocks of semi-finished bolt blanks, enabling rapid production to meet customer requirements. We are also able to manufacture non-standard, special fasteners from scratch – our onsite workshop capabilities include forging, CNC machining and threading.

Most materials, grades and surface finishes are available.

For more information, contact us. If you’d rather speak to someone, call our technical sales staff on 01942 520260 (Wigan) or 01698 826464 (Glasgow).

Welcome to our new Apprentice Ben Moran!

thomas smith fasteners apprentice - NVQ

All of us here at TSF would like to welcome our new apprentice Ben Moran, who has joined the Warehouse department.

Ben is undertaking a 12 month apprenticeship scheme, and we are pleased to sponsor his study towards NVQ Level 2 in Warehousing.

Currently, Ben is undergoing training in warehousing, kitting, stamping, engineering and quality control.


Classic Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Restoration part 7

The car was assessed by the new repairers in my garage at home in late December 2013 and it was agreed that the car be transported to their place and they would start work early in 2014.


The engine was taken out and stripped down. The block and head have been pressure tested and are fine. This is a great relief as cracks in either of them would have been a major problem.


The problem that caused the oil/water mix has been tracked down to the failure of the oil/water common pump unit. The bearings had disintegrated and the shaft was flopping about. Also internal gears had badly scored the inner casing.



While the engine was out the radiator has been re-cored, serviced and returned looking as new! Whilst the engine is out all things that need the engine to be out will be repaired, eg new engine mounts, an aircon condenser unit will be sourced as the original is missing. More to come on the engine and car rebuild in the coming months.

Part 6 -Bodywork, oil & water issues

Part 5 – Replacement door sills and exhaust

Part 4 – Alternator, driving on the roads

Part 3 – Engine, front wing, braking system, MOT

Part 2 – Car history

Part 1 – Introduction

Online shop – free shipping on UK orders over £100

This is just a quick notice to let our valued customers know that our online shop now includes free shipping on all UK orders over £100.

buy fasteners online bsf bsw unc unf metric

Bolts, nuts, washers, screws, rivets  and fixings can all be ordered online, and threadforms include Metric, BSF, BSF, UNC, UNF and BA. Also available is our popular range of assorted fastener kits.

mixed fastener kits - assorted packs of fasteners

Please note that the online shop is just a small part of our range. We carry many more items than we are able to list online, and can also manufacture specials to customer specification.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Classic Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Restoration part 6

ferrari 365 gtc/4 restoration

The plan for 2013 was to replace the boot lid and start to make good the bodywork. Contact was made with HMG paints in Manchester who analysed some of the paint from the car in their laboratory and mixed an exact copy mix which they supplied in both a touch up canister and in a tin suitable for spraying.

The summer of 2013 turned into a nightmare. The car started to use water and soon it was noticed that the oil and water were getting mixed.

ferrari 365 restoration oil & water mix

Little compression on the cylinders, the future looked bleak. The mechanic said that it must be the head gaskets but wouldn’t predict which bank was involved. Other sages said that it could be the combined oil/water pump or the head gaskets or a cracked block.


A decision was taken to take out the engine, rebuild as required and fit a new clutch at the same time. My mechanic was already committed for the following year but he kindly put me in the direction of a Ferrari and race preparation garage in Holmes Chapel who directed me to a specialist classic repair place nearby. When first visiting there, they were finishing off a full restoration on a 365 2+2.


Here are links to the articles in this series:


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Part 3 – Engine, front wing, braking system, MOT

Part 2 – Car history

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Problem Solving – M12 x M10 x 55 Reducing Studs

reducing stud, shoulder stud, step stud

A customer recently came to us for help – they had a part with an M12 internal thread that needed connecting to a part that had been mistakenly manufactured with an M10 internal thread.

Part of an M12 bar was machined down to M10 using a CNC in our onsite workshop to create these M12 x M10 x 55 long reducing studs.

Alongside our extensive range of standard fasteners and fixings, we hold stocks of semi-finished blanks and also offer forging and machining to the customer’s exact specifications.

We can provide a 24-hour turnaround service for urgent requirements.

Contact us on 01942 520260 (Wigan) or 01698 826464 (Glasgow) and our experienced technical sales staff will be happy to help.

Situations Vacant – Industrial Fastener Distributor in Glasgow, G72 0JP

Thomas Smith Fasteners has a vacancy for an all rounder/fastener engineer in a long established fastener distribution company.

You will need:

  • Good understanding of all types of fasteners and thread forms.
  • Knowledge and experience in the fastener industry preferred.
  • Interested in Mechanical Engineering and Industry.
  • Computer literate.
  • Good telephone manner.
  • Driving Licence.
  • Ability to get on well with people.
  • Formal qualifications preferred but time served experience acceptable.

Part time or flexible hours considered

Wages to be agreed.

Details on the company to be found at

Apply in confidence for an application form to Tim Garton, Owner, at

TSF Glasgow helps Commonwealth Games squash teams

TSF Glasgow was featured in the Hamilton Advertiser this week after stepping in to help two Commonwealth Games squash teams – see the article below:

thomas smith fasteners glasgow commonwealth games kit

Another great use of our fasteners – a model railway bridge!

You may recall that a little while ago, one of our customers brought in a fantastic model bus made with our fasteners. We said we’d love to hear from any other customers who would like to showcase their work using our fasteners.

And now, another customer, Peter, has contacted us after purchasing some M2 studding (allthread), nuts and washers. Peter said ‘I thought you might like to see what I used all those 2mm nuts and washers for. See attached picture.’

model railway bridge fasteners

‘This bridge contains 296 nuts and washers. It was quite fiddly screwing each nut on!!’

model railway bolts screws nuts fasteners

We’d like to thank Peter for kindly sending in these pictures of his model railway, which really showcase the great craftsmanship and eye for detail.

We love to see our fasteners being put to such creative use, it really brings home the fact that bolts, nuts and screws have such an amazing variety of uses. If any of our other customers would like to showcase their work using our fasteners, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us!