Power Generation

Fasteners for Power Generation

Power Generation can be broken into many categories. Steam, gas and wind turbines all require Fasteners to operate safely and to ensure power is generated.

Due to the heat and moisture developed by steam engines during the process of generating power, Fasteners must be very precise. Specials that are made to withstand higher temperatures and built to handle the tougher conditions presented.

Gas based turbine generators also have an increased temperature and move at high velocities. Therefore, the fasteners used must come in a variety of tensile grades built to withstand the temperature necessary to keep the gas-based turbine powering through.

Wind Turbines get long exposure to heat and moisture, it is therefore critical to performance, to ensure that the material and production method is correct. With an increase in the number of Wind Turbines it is important that the correct fasteners are used to ensure a longer life for the parts involved.

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