Another great use of our fasteners - a model railway bridge!

  • 31 July 2014
  • case studies

You may recall that a little while ago, one of our customers brought in a fantastic model bus made with our fasteners. We said we'd love to hear from any other customers who would like to showcase their work using our fasteners.And now, another customer, Peter, has contacted us after purchasing some M2 studding (allthread), nuts and washers. Peter said 'I thought you might like to see what I used all those 2mm nuts and washers for. See attached picture.'model railway bridge fasteners

'This bridge contains 296 nuts and washers. It was quite fiddly screwing each nut on!!'

model railway bolts screws nuts fasteners

We'd like to thank Peter for kindly sending in these pictures of his model railway, which really showcase the great craftsmanship and eye for detail.We love to see our fasteners being put to such creative use, it really brings home the fact that bolts, nuts and screws have such an amazing variety of uses. If any of our other customers would like to showcase their work using our fasteners, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us!