Aston Martin Classic Car Restoration - 5/16 BSF Pulley Dowel Pin

  • 5 July 2021
  • restoration
  • case studies

5/16 BSF Pulley Dowel Pin / Tapered one side

This bespoke item has been manufactured on site for a Classic Aston Martin restoration project.

Look closely and you will see afine taper on one side. In the pulley world, a pin ‚Äčis a precisely-cut cylinder that links to the engineering standards of a specific belt type.

BSF / BSW / BA were used in many known expensive Classic Cars and are in short supply in the UK. We pride ourselves of being to supply these parts either from our vast range of stocks or manufactured in house.

Due to our expertise and ever growing machinery we are able to offer a huge range of products to various different industries. I.e Classic Car Restorations, Oil & Gas, Construction, Heritage Rail , Offshore, Nuclear and many more.

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