Special Manufacture - Large Diameter B7 Stud Bolts

  • 15 April 2024
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Special Manufacture - Large Diameter B7 Stud Bolts

Thomas Smith Fasteners once again demonstrated our ability to meet unique client requirements. Our Glasgow branch was recently tasked with supplying 24 grade B7 Stud Bolts for a premier customer in the Engineering sector.

These special bolts are quite large! Sized at 2 ½ x 500 with an 8UN thread pitch, they were manufactured for use with special pipework and paired with 2H-grade nuts.

The successful execution of this project underscores our commitment to excellence, accuracy, and client fulfilment.

At Thomas Smith Fasteners, we are widely recognised for our versatility in producing both standard and custom bolts, nuts, and fasteners. With the ability to manufacture fasteners in-house using various materials, grades, and surface finishes, we are ready to adapt to the unique requirements of your next project.

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