Staff Training - Adult Literacy

  • 20 August 2012
  • blog

As part of our focus on continual improvement, effective staff training is of vital importance to our business. We are pleased to announce that four of our staff members have passed NCFE Adult Literacy qualifications.

As well as in-house process training, our staff undertake sponsored external training in many areas including Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Safety, Quality, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Process Management, ICT and Finance.

All four staff members who attempted the course gained passes. Gary Stevens passed NCFE Level 2 Adult Literacy, with John Lee, Barry Taylor and Michael Wilcock gaining Level 1 passes. Training was provided by J & K Trading and involved 16 weeks of training and study followed by an examination.Pictured above: Garton Ltd Director Tim Garton (centre) presents Gary, John, Barry and Michael with their certificates.