Full Nuts

Our Hexagon Full Nuts are available in metric and imperial threadforms in most materials and finishes.

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Full Nuts are the most regularly used mating nut with a bolt or screw and are either cold or hot forged depending on the diameter size. They can also be machined from bar.

Designated in the EN ISO 4032 standard as two styles, plain nuts are either Style 1, which is a thin height nut or Style 2 which is a thick height nut, approximately 10% larger than Style 1.

Each style has appropriate features and physical conditions i.e. heat treated or non-heat treated for carbon steel nuts.

Standard nuts must be marked to signify the strength grades on sizes above M5 diameter.

For full nuts in other materials, then the style geometry characteristics remain but variations on marking and testing will change. For stainless steel plain nuts refer to EN ISO 3506-2 and non-ferrous BS EN 28839.

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